Abraham Huli

Dr. Abraham Huli, quality advocate

"Everyone has his truth."

Abraham Huli, friend of Serge, joined us that night with his wife and Serge.

He was born on a small farm just north of here in 1944. His parents were Greek immigrants inspired by Zionist preachers to come to Palestine and build a Jewish homeland. He was a career Army man, retiring after 22 years as a lieutenant colonel, signal corps, communications. In the Army he received his higher education, and after retirement he went to work for Motorola, where he is Director of Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Abraham Huli
Pt. 1

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Abraham Huli
Pt. 2

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Abraham Huli
Pt. 3

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In addition to his day job, Abraham is chairperson of the Israel Society for Quality. This was really what he wanted most to talk about, a movement to introduce concepts of quality assurance into many aspects of Israeli society, including government, the military, business and industry. He talked about the cost of poor quality. "I want my children to live in a country with no poverty," he said. "Once the money of the government is used in the right way, it will generate economic growth."

He was optimistic. "We are entering a new era, of people managing the country with quality."

He said he doesn't pay attention to politics. I guess that's how he remains optimistic.

Summary of video clips:

Part 1: Abraham describes how his parents came to Israel from Greece in the 1930s and settled on a small farm near Natanya, where they live to this day. They worked by day and at night stood watch for marauding Arabs. Old photos from his father's published memoir.

Part 2: More reflections on farm life and the threat of terrorism. Career in Army. Higher education. Motorola.

Part 3: Michael asks why their parents came to Israel. Mrs. Huli (Etti, off camera) describes how her parents came from Poland in the late 30s, to be "pioneers, and build the land of Israel," and to escape the coming European war. Abraham's parents came before war loomed. "The Zionist preachers did a good job." I ask about the Arabs displaced by Israel and in the occupied territories, and if they have legitimate grievances about the way they've been treated by the Israelis. "Personally, I never spent too much time to understand the details of politics. My dream is to work for what I call 'quality for a better life.' Those conflicts are so complicated, you need to know many many things in order to say what I think is right or not right. Everyone has his truth."

Jan. 28, 2003

A message from Abraham Huli:


Thank you very much for the materials you sent to me and to Etti.

We hope you enjoyed the visit in Israel and we hope it will contribute to the ultimate goal of PEACE and FREEDOM all over the world.

My description of my dream is:

Personal Excellence, Organizational Excellence, National Excellence and World Excellence ... for...Self-Actualization and a better Quality of Life of everyone who believe in the two commandments:

"Love thy neighbor as thyself" and "What you do not want done unto yourself, do not do unto others."

We admire you and Michael for the time and the effort to fulfill a vision and to document it for everyone who wants to enrich his knowledge.

Please send us any updates you will have about your visit in Israel and give our regards to Michael.


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