David Rubin

David Rubin, security expert

"Living with terror is something you've got to get used to."

David (referred by Prof. Nathan Shapira) picked us up the next morning and gave us a tour of Tel Aviv.

David's latest project is The Israeli eXperience in Homeland Security. ("Our mission is to inform and educate authorities and organizations, so as to enable intelligent and fiscally prudent decisions in the fight against terrorism."). He has been Israel's Economic Minister to North America (1995) and from his resume, I think it is safe to say that he is a prominent business leader. His father, Reuven Rubin, was one of Israel's most famous artists and also Israel's first ambassador to his native Romania.

David Rubin's tour of Tel Aviv, Pt. 1
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David Rubin's tour of Tel Aviv, Pt. 2
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David Rubin's tour of Tel Aviv, Pt. 3
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We started, of course, in Jaffa. We walked through the archaeological exhibit showing the port in ancient times, through Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon.

Next we visited the first district of Tel Aviv outside of the old city, first settled in about 1909. We stopped at a square by a dance and performing arts institute and talked about security and terrorism. David's position is that you have to accept terrorism as a part of modern life - in Israel, in the US, in the world. You have to go about your life as always. You learn to be a little careful. You minimize the risks. You set priorities. For example, he says that in Israel if you call the police to report a residential burglary, you can expect the same sluggish response you'd get in the US. But call to report a suspicious package abandoned in a public place, and the police are on it right away.

We drove through the different Tel Aviv neighborhoods. Highlights included the square where Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in 1995 by a right winger who objected to his peacemaking, and a hospital where David wanted us to see the decontamination system installed at the entrance after the 1991 Gulf War.

Summary of video clips:

Part 1: "Everyone always says for Israel it's difficult times. This time it's REALY difficult times!"..."We're trying to teach people that living with terror is something you've got to get used to."...Discussion in square in Tel Aviv's first neighborhood. David talks about the policies that mitigate the damage of terror.."No boxes or bags lying around."...I ask whether Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories actually promote terrorism. David discusses the traditional 50-50 split in Israeli politics, and says that Arafat's policies have driven 25% more to the right. About Sharon's policies he says: "It's a question of stamina. Who has more staying power."..He says that outside intervention is necessary to achieve peace, but doesn't see much hope for it in the near future.

Part 2: Herzel Street...discussion of Hebrew language...discussion of Russian immigration (one million in last 10 years - 15% of population)... Coffeshop blown up by suicide bomber two months before ... Necessity of Palestinian state by the demographic argument: "If you don't have two states, you'll end up with a non-Jewish majority." ... Biali Street where David grew up ... Rabin assassination site.

Part 3: Horse drawn wagon...ministry of defense..."Our World Trade Center"...Hospital with decontamination unit for dealing with chemical attack..."If you look carefully you see signs that we have trouble, but you have to know where to look." ...Homeless encampment...Iraqi scud attacks...University built on site of Arab village.

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