Elana Rappaport Schachter and Chaya Gross

"Either this land is ours because God gave it to us, or we have no right to be here."


Elana Schachter/
Chaya Gross
Pt. 1

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Elana Schachter/
Chaya Gross
Pt. 2

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For our first night in Jerusalem, we splurged for a room at the historic and beautiful King David Hotel. We booked the cheapest room ($200/night), but since the hotel was almost empty, they gave us a free upgrade to a beautiful room on the sixth floor overlooking the old city of Jerusalem. It was spectacular.

Video: Old Jerusalem from Room 613 at the King David

I went to market and got a bunch of snacks and drinks. I had invited our Jerusalem contacts to come by the King David. First to visit were Elana and Chaya.

Elana and I were pals in high school. I remember especially that her family had exotic pets...maybe an otter and a raccoon. We lost track of each other, but as this trip came together, Srul put us back in touch

Summary of video clips: Part 1 • Part 2

Part 1 - Chaya explains Hasidism; Elana tells how she came to Judaism, Hasidism and Israel; on the beach at Elat when the 6-Day War breaks out.

Part 2 - Chaya's kids; King David room 613 (number of mitzvahs in the Torah); bar mitzvah invitation; Abraham bought and paid for land in Hebron; either this land is ours because God gave it to us, or we have no right to be here.

Voices of Israel and Palestine

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