Voices of Israel and Palestine
by Peter Rashkin

This was a really great project that grew out of my confusion.

It was during the Second Intifada, which I halfway followed on NPR. I noticed that I couldn't tell, from accents or substance, whether a Palestinian or a Jewish Israeli was being interviewed. This struck me as curious.

I decided to visit and see what the fuss was about, wondering "Why can't we all just get along?" Made contacts. Convinced my cousin to come with me.

I made contacts. I talked to them. They introduced me to others. I recorded interviews, edited them and compiled them on a website. I captured unique, personal stories representing seriously divergent conclusions. I tried to be objective.

It was a lot of work, and I'm sorry that I abandoned the project before I could finish it.

I especially want to apologize to the people whose interviews are still sitting in a box, unedited, untranscribed and unpublished. I remember you all, and I think what we talked about was interesting and important.

Still in the box: Keren Mulag, Arak Kilemnic, Jeff Halper, Sami Taha, the Tel Aviv restaurant owners, David Libon and Grazia.

To all the people who agreed to be interviewed for this project: Thank you so much! I hope you are all well and happy.

Peter Rashkin
Dec. 30, 2016

TEL AVIV - Nov. 10-13, 2002

SELECTED HEADLINES from this period

WESTERN GALILEE - Nov. 14-17, 2002

JERUSALEM & RAMALLAH - Nov. 18-23, 2002

TEL AVIV - Nov. 24, 2002

  • Tel Aviv restaurant owners
  • David and Hanna Libon
  • Grazia, recent Russian immigrant


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